Merchant Marketplace

Uncovering Query Strings

In this project, I really wanted to implement query strings for searching through the inventory of our site.I had heard of it before and seen it in the address bar, but I wasn’t sure how to implement it. It turned out it was quite simple.


This is very simple, the “?” signals that this is a query, so from the back-end, we are able to extract the request.query object. This object currently has two keys we defined: search and category. The search key’s value is “gray desk” and the category key’s value is 2.

To be clear, in this example, we used keys “c” for category, “q” for query, and “p” is price, set to descending or ascending.

Current State of Merchant Marketplace

Currently our product can search for all items similar to a user’s search, sellers can upload items and edit them, as well as see their own inventory. Beyond this we fixed bugs with migration tables and removed authentication middleware that was crashing the site. Our team was ultimately able to work together to lay a solid groundwork for the next team to build upon.

The Future of Merchant Marketplace

In the future I could see more features added to the front-end in terms of search. This would include searching by category as well as sorting by price high and low. Additionally, Merchant Marketplace will have more time in the future for additional design work which will make it look even better than it does currently. Ultimately, Merchant Marketplace has a lot to look forward to as it approaches production quality.



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